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Babby Lakins is archaic Cumbrian dialect for babies toys, originating in The Lake District, UK.


These heirloom bears are hand made with care and detail to last a lifetime using local Herdwick wool, Linton Tweed, Harris Tweed, and contructed with traditional wooden jointing and handcrafted glass eyes.


They make wonderful presents for new parents or that special someone in your life. Paired bears make great presents for weddings and have magnets in their snouts so they can kiss!

Because the bears are made with traditional techniques they are classed as collectibles rather than toys.


The Babby Lakins range includes teddy scarves and cravats, christening certificates, storage hampers, and a range of  prints and cards featuring exclusive drawings of the bears.


Enquiries: [email protected]

Listings are now live on Etsy

CLICK HERE to see stock and link to the shop.

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